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Accelerating Fintech Innovation

The API Suite Powering the Next Generation of Fintech

account aggregation docs

Next-Gen Account Aggregation

A Next Gen Approach

Unlike aggregators built on brittle 1990s-era tech, Quovo’s RESTful API uses cutting-edge data science to pull deeper, richer data from financial accounts in a matter of seconds.

14,000+ Live Connections

Quovo’s Aggregation API allows you to connect to banks, brokerages, lenders, and more – automatically creating a 360° view of your users’ financial life.

Trusted Support

Our Customer Success team understands that the best solution can often require direct collaboration between, yes, actual human beings. At Quovo we’re never more than a call, slack, or email away!

Multi-method Authentication

Instantly Authenticate Thousands Of Banks

Our Authentication API allows you to instantly connect to financial accounts and verify account ownership across thousands of banks – facilitating payments and transfers while streamlining the process of opening and funding new accounts.

Micro-deposits Meet Aggregation

Need to authenticate an account not covered by Instant Authentication? Simply prefer micro-deposits? Our patent-pending Autoverified Micro-deposits leverage aggregation to parse transaction history, automatically confirming test deposits and verifying account ownership across thousands of financial institutions.

A Match Made in Heaven

Simplify your stack, by using our Aggregation and Authentication APIs together to quickly verify client account information while generating a comprehensive picture of their financial health with a single pull from our API.