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A Complete Financial Picture

Reveal Opportunities Locked Within Your Clients' Account Data

All Your Accounts, One Location

Held-Away Assets Simplified

Held-away assets don’t have to be a chore. With our Aggregation API you can quickly link and monitor your clients’ held-away assets.

Client Data, Fit to Your Needs

Our Aggregation API can be leveraged by internal technology teams to ensure it fits a variety of enterprise use-cases, from financial planning to client reporting.

Easy-to-reach Support

We use AI to build resilient connections to financial institutions, but when things go wrong you want a human touch. That’s why our New York-based Operations team is never more than a call or email away!

Enterprise Dashboards & Modules

Be Your Client’s Financial Homepage

Keep them coming back for more! Our PFM widgets can help clients build a budget, monitor spending, and achieve their financial goals – all from your existing portal or app.

Build Customer Loyalty

Get your clients engaged! Our seamless UI/UX encourages repeated use, helping to improve customer engagement and increasing customer loyalty.

Flexible Integrations

Best of all, all of our PFM widgets are ready right out-of-the-box! That means a few lines of code and they can easily be integrated into any existing technology stack.