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Richer Data, Happier Clients

Providing the best account aggregation to the leading advisor technology tools int he market

Integrated with dozens of advisor technology solutions, including:

Next Generation Account Aggregation

Account aggregation provides financial advisors with a powerful tool in their financial technology toolkit, enabling you to:

  • Create a holistic view of your clients’ assets
  • Redefine your value to clients by offering comprehensive financial planning
  • Deepen client relationships by delivering more informed insight and timely communications
  • Unlock revenue by expanding wallet share, charging retainer fees, and mining referrals.

Expansive Integration Options

Wonder whether you can access Quovo in your technology stack? Don’t be! Quovo is integrated with the best portfolio management solutions in the market. Click below to see the full list of Quovo integration partners:

Richer Data

Your data is your brand! Quovo uses modern techniques from data science to provide only the highest quality data to your clients.

Happier Clients

Become your clients' financial homepage. With Quovo Aggregation your client portal can be their one stop PFM solution.

Increased Wallet Share

With a more complete view of your clients' financial picture, you can identify opportunities to bring held-away assets in house.