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Effortless, comprehensive assessment of client financial profiles to enable more informed advice

Data-driven Suitability Assessment

Connect investor accounts to instantly generate suitability profiles around financial needs, experience levels, and risk.

Discover instantly. Understand holistically. Advise confidently.

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Easily connect any financial account to enable data flow

Provide clients with an embeddable, easy-to-use tool for connecting accounts from 14,000+ financial institutions



Discern net worth, trade activity, and holding types

Get a comprehensive understanding of your clients' net worth, investing experience, and their distribution of holdings and security types


Income + Expense

Evaluate income levels and significant liquidity needs

Assess a rich profile of income, across multiple streams, and immediately understand the scale and periodicity of major expenses



Understand allocation and clients' financial priorities

See net worth, asset allocation, holdings concentration, as well as client-set goals and budgets to uncover a rich financial profile

Quovo wealth solutions package our data products together to redefine the wealth management experience.

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