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Smarter repayment through proactive risk monitoring and relationship management

Data-driven Servicing

Understand a borrower's financial life during repayment to get ahead of risks and detect opportunities.

Preempt risk. Modify proactively. Strengthen relationships.

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Easily connect any financial account to enable data flow

Provide borrowers with an embeddable, easy-to-use tool for connecting accounts from 14,000+ financial institutions



Get a holistic view of finances during repayment

Gain critical context into borrowers' evolving financial situation, from changing net worth to transaction activity over time


Income + expense

Access rich cash flow data for ongoing risk assessment

Monitor cash flow over the course of servicing to better understand changes in income and expense patterns that may affect repayment


Balance Estimator

Predict account balance to ensure sufficient funds

Forecast likely account balances ahead of the monthly payment date to more confidently initiate successful debits

Quovo lending solutions package our data products to transform the lending value chain from start to finish.

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