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Faster, more accurate account funding and asset transfers for efficient onboarding and growth

Data-driven Account Funding

Seamlessly collect transfer information from delivering institutions to fund accounts quickly and reliably.

Reduce friction. Streamline onboarding. Grow AUM.

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Easily connect any financial account to enable data flow

Provide clients with an embeddable, easy-to-use tool for connecting accounts from 14,000+ financial institutions


instant auth

Instantly verify account and account owner details

Get key information from connected accounts, such as account number and routing number, to receive ACH funds more accurately and efficiently



Accelerate investment transfers and reduce NIGOs

Collect and configure everything needed for a full or partial ACATS transfer from a delivering institution, from account info to holdings and statements


Balance Estimator

Ensure delivering accounts can support withdrawals

Forecast likely account balances ahead of transfers to ensure smooth settlement of funds across accounts



Monitor delivering accounts to confirm smooth transfers

Track activity and holdings in delivering account to ensure that transactions don't disrupt a transfer, and see when funds are transferred successfully

Quovo wealth solutions package our data products together to redefine the wealth management experience.

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