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Deploy turnkey personal finance modules for an engaging digital experience

pfm asset allocation module on ipad

Accelerate Your Fintech App

Create a cutting-edge, mobile-optimized user experience where clients can connect their accounts and track their personal finances through embeddable modules focused on net worth, spending, budgeting, and more.

Built on our suite of APIs and industry-leading data connectivity, Quovo PFM modules can be easily embedded into your application using the Quovo Connect framework.

*Note: Quovo PFM is only available for select qualified customers. Please contact us to see if PFM modules can be made available to you.

This product is available via:

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The Quovo Advantage


Benefit from our experience across hundreds of apps to get the key feature set of a modern, personalized fintech experience.


Create an experience that keeps clients active and engaged, incentivizing them to connect more held-away accounts to your platform.


Our PFM modules can easily be customized to deliver a look and feel that suits your wider brand.

Interested in delivering an engaging digital experience?