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Instant Auth

Instantly verify account and account owner details for ACH transactions

instant auth confirmed screen in connect

Onboard and Transact, Seamlessly

Instantly verify account number and owner details for connected accounts in order to enable more seamless onboarding and efficient ACH transactions.

Instant auth can be leveraged for improved account opening and funding, loan servicing, payment management, and auto-populating forms.

This product is available via:

UI Widget

The Quovo Advantage

Expansive Coverage

Instantly authenticate accounts at thousands of financial institutions, including all of the major retail banks in the US.


Instant auth connects accounts quicker than aggregation, to only get the information you need for verification.


Keep momentum in your customer journeys with instant connectivity that will avoid frustration and abandonment.

Instant Auth powers
ACH Verification
Payment Mgmt

Frictionless verification of account details for more efficient disbursal

Smarter account authentication for more seamless ACH transactions

Faster account funding and asset transfers for efficient onboarding

Intelligent repayment through proactive risk monitoring

Payment optimization through proactive account monitoring

Ready for more seamless onboarding and transactions?