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Deep insight into cash flow

Detect income and analyze expenses with our cash flow analysis endpoints

Identify and Assess Income Streams

Forget pay stubs or bank statement uploads. Isolate and rank recurring income streams to instantly inform smarter origination, servicing, and coverage calculations.

Our /income product powers a seamless digital experience for onboarding and assessing prospects by delivering a complete profile of their incomes.

Analyze and Understand Expenses

Quovo Expense delivers data on fixed and recurring expenses and distinguishes them from discretionary spending, giving you a clear view into “need to spend” vs “nice to spend.”

With robust memo information and expense categories for each transaction, you’ll not only know the the amount and frequency of expenses but also where the money is going and for what purpose.

Complete Cash Flow Insights

Together, Income + Expense create a powerful picture of cash flow. Once accounts are connected to Quovo, Income + Expense instantaneously enable lenders to inform origination and servicing, insurers to assess coverage needs and rates, and financial planners to understand cash flow over time.

Combined with balance sheet data from Quovo Aggregation, you can get a full and robust profile of your users’ essential finances.