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Confidently predict future balances

Leverage Quovo cash flow analysis to simulate likely account balances for a given future date

Projected Balances Through Data Science

Using proprietary modeling based on Quovo’s Income + Expense analysis, Balance Estimator leverages a robust combination of cash flow patterns, account characteristics, and AI methodologies to return a range of account balances and confidence levels for a given date.

Finally get an answer to “will my there be enough money in my clients’ accounts?”

Ensure Sufficient Funds for Transactions

Balance Estimator gives firms greater confidence that transactions and debits will clear successfully once they’re initiated from a customer’s account. By running balance estimator before a payment or debit is initiated—and continuing to run it through to settlement—our customers can reduce the risk of insufficient funds and related fees.

With Balance Estimator, Quovo can help you make “best day to pay” a reality, backed by robust data analytics.