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Account Aggregation That Works

Build a 360° picture of your client's finances - including banks, brokerages, credit cards, and more!

Quality Where it Counts

Quovo offers the most powerful account aggregation technology in the industry.

Our team of data scientists combs through terabytes of data each day, refining our algorithms to ensure that our partners have access to the most robust account data available — including accounts blocked by hard to bypass MFA protocols like CAPTCHAs.

Our aggregation technology can even pull data from online documents and statements, such as tax forms and account statements.

The Quovo Advantage

Quovo helps turn account aggregation from a daunting implementation to a turnkey feature in your financial technology toolkit.

Our API was built on RESTful principles, includes clear documentation, and is complimented by our always-on-call support team.

account aggregation docs

For Fintech

From emerging fintech startups to established unicorns, Quovo’s account aggregation platform helps entrepreneurs build the next generation of financial services, providing:

  • Richer, deeper transaction histories, measured in years not months
  • More reliable & durable bank integrations, built on cutting-edge tech
  • 24/7 New York-based support

For Advisors and Institutions

As financial institutions continue their digital transformation, Quovo Aggregation has helped some of the largest banks and broker-dealers:

  • Build holistic pictures of their clients’ finances
  • Improve the accuracy of held-away reporting
  • Create timely, data-driven alerts