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Build a holistic picture of customer finances across accounts and institutions

Build A 360-degree View

Quovo offers the most powerful account aggregation technology in the industry. From the leading retail banks to "long tail" financial institutions, we collect robust account data from over 14,000 financial institutions across the US, UK, and Canada.

We connect with the full breadth of account types, enabling use cases across wealth management, lending, payments, and beyond.

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The Quovo Advantage


Our normalization engine and outlier monitoring ensures that our data is accurate enough to power even the most robust financial accounting systems.


From years of transaction history to unique account attributes and statements, no one else can tap into account data like Quovo.

100% Quovo Built

All of our connections to over 14,000 financial institutions are 100% Quovo built, meaning improved connectivity and customer support.

Aggregation powers
Payment Mgmt

More robust credit decisioning with rich account insights

Effortless client financial profiling for more informed advice

Intelligent repayment through proactive risk monitoring

Personalized digital experiences to strengthen client relationships

Payment optimization through proactive account monitoring

Frictionless verification of account details for more efficient disbursal

Want to build a holistic view of client finances?