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Quovo’s Bank Authentication API Now Covers 200+ Institutions

Blog Auth TimelineWe’ve Expanded to 215!

Just a few months after announcing the launch of our new Bank Authentication API, we’ve expanded our coverage tenfold, up to 215 financial institutions! This aggressive expansion enables our fintech partners to significantly increase the number and types of accounts that can be instantly authenticated to help facilitate ACH payments and transfers, verify account ownership, and streamline the opening and funding of new accounts. And good news for those of you with less common institutions: our expansion includes coverage for credit unions and regional banks!

At Quovo, we pride ourselves on constantly innovating — and by collaborating closely with partners like SoFi, we’ve been able to expand our Authentication offering to bring the service to more institutions than existing solutions typically provide.  In short, whatever you need when it comes to account authentication — Quovo’s got you covered.

Building Connections

When we founded Quovo, we knew that the future of finance was all about leveraging data to connect with clients better — and it still is today. Better access to better data leads to better outcomes. The key to this dynamic is wrangling disparate data sets to create a consolidated, holistic access point for account data. That’s precisely why we made the decision a long time ago to find scalable, algorithmic solutions to building out features and integrations. We build new connections in hours, not weeks; and that allows us to be more responsive to client needs and truly co-innovate with our partners over time.

Quovo is uniquely positioned to meet the growing needs of the fintech industry. While I’m proud of what our team has accomplished, I’m excited knowing that we’ve only just begun, and even more excited to see what our partners will build with our Authentication API.

Ready to take the first step towards building something special? Take a look at our documentation here and or obtain an API token today!

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