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Our Story
Founded in 2010, Quovo is a cutting-edge financial technology company dedicated to transforming (and improving) the practice of wealth management in the age of Big Data.

When the Great Recession rocked our personal portfolios in 2009, Quovo’s founders asked a simple yet profound question: wouldn’t we have felt better if we’d had visibility into what was happening across our financial picture – instead of only seeing it in pieces?

After exploring existing solutions, it became clear that the clunky data aggregation that had dominated the industry couldn’t power the insights we wanted to generate. So we built our own.
Finalist for the 2016 Wealth
Management Awards
2016 Wealth Management
Ten to Watch
Lowell Putnam
CEO & Co-Founder
Michael DelMonte
CTO & Co-Founder
Niko Karvounis
CSO & Co-Founder
Zohar Swaine
Steve Lockshin
Chris Feeney
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